06 March 2013
Telma retarders will be fitted on many trucks displayed at the Work Truck Show 2013 held together with the annual 49th NTEA congress.
06 February 2013
The retarder specially designed for suvs.
Battery charger SBC-5024 - 24V 50A

SBC-5024 battery charger. Simultaneously handles up to 3 separate banks of batteries supplying each one with the required current. Fully automatic. 3-stage charging system (normal, boost and floating) for a 100% charge and long battery life. It can be used as an independent power supply unit without the need for backup batteries. Switching mode technology allows minimum weight and dimensions. Possibility of connecting more battery chargers in parallel. It also operates with very low AC mains voltage (180 Volt). Dual voltage power supply (115/230 Volt) that makes it suitable for worldwide use. Protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, and overheating. Input and output fuses. Constrained ventilation through 2 electronically controlled fans. 3 or 5-LED control panel: "ON", "Boost", "Temp", "Fuse", "Battery". 3 outputs. Wall mounting.

Technical features:
- System: Switching;
- Input voltage: 110 or 220 V;
- Out volts: 7 A;
- Charge voltage floating: 24 V;
- Charge voltage booster: 26.8-27.6 V;
- Output current: 50 A;
- Outputs: 3;
- Ampere out indicator: No;
- Volt out indicator: No;
- Exercise temperature: -10/+50°C;
- Dimension: 340 x 300 x 80 mm;
- Net weight: 4 Kg.

N.B: before order the battery charger please control its compatibility with on board batteries.

Indicated for battery: GEL, AGM, FREE ACID, BY SETTING.

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