06 March 2013
Telma retarders will be fitted on many trucks displayed at the Work Truck Show 2013 held together with the annual 49th NTEA congress.
06 February 2013
The retarder specially designed for suvs.
About Us

Business Overview

E Somi marine & shore electrical is a leading center for electrical marine, automotive solutions as well as product and spare part sales.

E Somi marine & shore electrical has had a relatively long span of life in existence, roughly 30 years. The business was founded by Evangelos Somi in the center of Larnaca, within easy access of the Larnaca Marina.

Our business serves not only Larnaca but its client location spans the whole island, including Larnaca and Pafos Aiports.

The scope of services E. Somi marine & shore electrical provide extent to technical and more specifically electrical repairs of Motor Yachts and general automobiles with the primary focus being on heavy type vehicles, passenger commercial vehicles, goods transportation vehicles, general and specialized.

For instance, coaches of different capacities and size, light and heavier trucks, as well as vehicles of more specialized nature such as bowsers/tankers and gas carriers. Such vehicles are put to sustained heavy use and the need of maintaining them in top working order is of paramount importance. The functioning of their electrical and electronic systems and onboard accessory equipment is a vital part of this.

E. Somi marine & shore electrical technical team is here to help you maintain the integrity of such systems whether in, land based vehicles or marine vessels.

The business has been expanding steadily, especially during the past decade, through partnerships and working relationships with prominent names in the international and domestic business environment. The installation, servicing and repairs of equipment are as important as the original decision to purchase a specific type and brand of equipment. We can help in both.

Vision and service through partnerships

E Somi marine and shore electrical technical know-how and expertise in the field of induction braking systems pivots around the special relationship with Telma S.A. Paris, France. On the island of Cyprus, E. Somi marine& shore electrical are the exclusive agents and service center carrying out refurbishment and installation for electromagnetic Telma braking systems.

Our partnership with Eurokardan and their range of drive shafts, is part of the customized and/or replacement solutions our business often employs to assist clients, in conjunction with telma products, for a complete superior performance solution.

We envision making a significant contribution to the functional integrity, provision of comfort possibilities of all-manner of vehicles whose design can accommodate such systems. Whether factory intended or modified by our selves to do so. The demand for optimizing the life cycle of electrical equipment and retaining top-notch quality service is highly consistent with our core business aims; the essence of safety, quality and endurance is our prime objective.

Our vision and target is to serve you as best as we can, making use of our international relationships and in-house expertise. Tell us your problem and will do what is necessary to give you peace of mind.


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Where to find us

8 Apollonos Street
Shimitra Court, Shop 1&2
Larnaca 6016, Cyprus

Tel: +357 24 653 626
Fax: +357 24 621 312
Skype: evangelos somi
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