06 March 2013
Telma retarders will be fitted on many trucks displayed at the Work Truck Show 2013 held together with the annual 49th NTEA congress.
06 February 2013
The retarder specially designed for suvs.

Scope of E Somi Marine & Shore Electrical Services

At E. Somi Marine & Shore Electrical, we exploit in full our extensive technical knowledge along with our indoor equipment to provide a high standard electrical servicing, maintenance and repairs on all kinds of automobiles, motor vessels and sailing boats. We use only the highest quality spare parts and equipment to retain the good working performance and functionality of vehicles and vessels. We take pride in our work through our unique features; this is prevalent from our well-established reputation.

Our services spans on everything associated with the electrics of vehicles and vessels. We also carry out installations and retrofits of specialized spare parts such as Telma retarders, control systems and actuators as well as vessel full-scale rewiring’s. We value out customers through the responsible and warrantied services we provide.


We can accommodate the maintenance and repair of all size and all kind vehicles and carry out electrical inspections, works on vessels onsite all Cyprus Marinas. Our co-operation and partnership with local and international marine and automotive spare part suppliers widens even further our services range.

Our Marine and Auto repairs ranges on:

  • Testing and replacement of marine and automotive batteries (maintenance free or wet cell)
  • Alternator and starter repair and maintenance
  • Bilge pump replacements, bow thrusters, anchor winches, navigation and deck lights, and general vessel electrics.
  • Alternator and starter motor repairs on marine and automotive engines
  • Vehicle lighting systems
  • Wiper blades and motors
  • Air conditioning maintenance on vehicles
  • Electric window motors and regulators
  • Replacement of sensors
  • Replacement of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
  • Replacement of pneumatic cylinders

In general E Somi Marine & Shore Electrical has the technical background and expertise to repair and keep the optimal working performance of marine and automotive electrics. We always had and will always be forward-looking either being on the quality of spare parts supply/installations or on the services provided to fulfill our customers requirements.



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Where to find us

8 Apollonos Street
Shimitra Court, Shop 1&2
Larnaca 6016, Cyprus

Tel: +357 24 653 626
Fax: +357 24 621 312
Skype: evangelos somi
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